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so, this was the last weekend of the minnesota renaissance festival. the juggler has been out there every weekend, and aglet and i have been going out mostly on saturday mornings to visit. (if a person is two, a person needs a nap about 1 in the afternoon, so we left just before then.)

it went really well. i was worried about attachment and all those people and how he'd take it, but he'd be excited about "let's go see baba!", and then we'd get in the car, and then we would be out there and he'd throw juggling balls at the people at the juggling school, or help load up the trebuchet, or eat potstickers on a stick, and he had a really good time.

we are talking about all three of us being out all the time next year. this may involve figuring out where we'll sleep out there, because hell if i'm sleeping on the ground in a tent. but we'll see.

i was really worried that we'd only be able to make it out two mornings, and i had corralled my dad and my sister and her husband to go out with us, but the first time we went out with m. socks and coprock it went so beautifully smoothly that i decided to try it again the next week, just me and aglet.

he is such a good easy kid.
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