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Birthdate:Oct 12
Location:Minnesota, United States of America
it was my plan to never ever ever post an entry here. however, i have broken down and posted some. but still nothing public. i have this to read other people's friends only stuff.

i do, however, update my blog (url above) fairly regularly.

things about me. i am a sf fan. i live in the twin cities metro area. i have two small dogs. i read. a lot. i have been married before, although currently i am not. i am in the process of adopting a kid. i am bisexual, and don't know how i feel about poly anymore. i love usenet and have made a lot of good friends on it. i am a member of the secret feminist cabal. i value clarity and communication much more highly than i value politeness. i've been hanging out in various venues online for 18 years.

i have some filters. here is a post explaining them; go comment if you'd like to change which ones you're on.

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abortion rights, adoption, agency, agnosticism, alan rickman, alison bechdel, alt.poly, alt.polyamory, alt.polycon, american civil liberties union, anerisian, ani difranco, antiques, arthritis, badtz maru, bbses, bbsing, betsy-tacy, bisexuality, blaming lcohen for earworms, boiled in lead, books, boycotting lj sponsors, breast cancer awareness, bright shiny objects, buffy the vampire slayer, c.j. cherryh, cats laughing, chihuahuas, choice, choral music, citadel bbs, citadel86, cons, conventions, convergence, cricket cricket, crochet, death to spammers, del amitri, disability rights, discordianism, dorothy dunnett, dtwof, dykestowatchoutfor, elizabeth bear, elmo, emma bull, eris, evil mistresses, fandom, fat acceptance, fat girls, feminism, feminist, feminist science fiction, firefly, girls with glasses, gossip, great big sea, grenadine, hiv prevention, hot dogs, humorless feminism, iain banks, insufficiently girly, james tiptree jr award, jane siberry, jo walton, kuan yin, lake street, larn, linguistics, llamas, lois mcmaster bujold, macalester, macalester college, making llama hand gestures, marriage reform, midwest, minicon, minn-stf, minneapolis, minneapolis in '73, minnesota, mn-stf, mnstf, moxy früvous, my fat ass, nevada barr, nypd blue, paganism, pedantry, poly, polyamory, prius, private schools, pro-choice, prochoice, proprietary boobs, public schools, rasff, rassef, rasseff, reading, rec.arts.sf.fandom, reproductive freedom, rheumatoid arthritis, richard thompson, rocks fall everyone dies, same sex marriage, sarah harmer, sci-fi conventions, science fiction, science fiction conventions, science fiction fandom, secret feminist cabal, sf, sf cons, sf conventions, sf fandom, shiny things, single malts, size acceptance, small dogs,, soc.women.lesbian-and-bi, social networking, spelling things correctly, st paul, st. paul, stained glass, strangers in paradise, subways, tai chi, tegan & sara, thai food, the bechdel ginger benchmark, the hungry thing, the midwest, the moscow metro, twin cities, university avenue, urban living, usenet, van briggle, wiscon, wombabes, wombat
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