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A good piece written by the woman who is fat heffalump on twitter, and reminiscent of stuff talked about at fogcon- I do not have an obligation to change to make you more comfortable, even if you say it's for my own good.

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how do i tell ubuntu to look for the opensshserver on the install disk or on a thumb drive? i do sudo apt-get yadawhatever, it says can't find the internet with both hands and a map (which is because it's not on the network), and then it stops.

if i can do sudo apt-get lookonthecd yadawhatever, it'd solve my problem. is that doable? otherwise solving this problem involves running cabling in a very unpleasant fashion.

any other ssh server would do as well-- i just googled up opensshserver first.

this is the ubuntu 11.10 version, i do not recall downloading any particular version, just straight off that version number, and there were no useful questions (like custom install vs standard install) during the install which i just redid.
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i am looking to talk to someone who has run childcare at a us or canadian worldcon. chicon's webpage for childcare currently says "content to go here", which makes me think that this particular duck is not in the row yet. anyone know who's been doing that or is doing that for chicon?
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I know I saw a site like this once, but can't find it again. A site where you type in the ingredients you have, and it tells you what you can make. Anyone know of such a thing?
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Pants on Fire?

Is a lie by omission truly a lie?

yes, you peabrained nimrod.
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asking to be on an opt-in filter doesn't mean i'll put you on it.

being put on it doesn't mean you'll stay on it.

i reserve the right to randomly take people off of or put people on filters. also friending and unfriending.

contents may settle during shipping. your mileage may vary.

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how much money do i have to give dw so i can do polls here?


Jan. 15th, 2012 09:16 pm
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a friend just emailed me and asked if i could find where i'd posted a link to a poem about a thing. and i, being a supergenius, did in fact find it. and it needs posting again, because the poem is so awesome.


you must accept, by kate light.
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i can't believe i'm (having to) say this in a us election year, but, uh, wiscon needs more panels about politics.


(also about religion.)

go, shoo, go submit some.

(more science panels would not also be amiss.)

i am pleased to find out that the reason why i am not coming up with awesome ideas now is because i submitted my good ones earlier in the year.
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No one appreciated this on twitter so I'll post it here.


(sun country is having a sale.)

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i have no idea how to make french toast. i just hit allrecipes and it gives me things to do with marscapone. i don't want marscapone. i want ohmygosh the weather is going to be awful let's go buy milk and eggs so we can eat french toast while we're snowed in french toast. do you know how to make french toast?
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so i made carnitas the other day. and the last step is "shred meat with forks".

it made my hands hurt. i am against doing things that make my hands hurt. they hurt enough as it is; they don't need the help.

how else can (very tender) meat be shredded? i can fall back to asking the juggler to do it, but i'd rather a way i could do it myself.
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i want to knit a waterfall cardigan, sort of shaped like this--


except i'm not sure about that collar. i am *definitely* not sure about the plaid; solid color or done with color change yarn would be lovely.

m. socks sent me a link last year sometime to something like this (because she is all fashion forward) and i do not have my heart set on that one, but anything with that waterfall sort of front, comes in a pattern for a 49 inch chest, and i might be able to finish it before i die. that's all i want.

i am using the wrong search words on ravelry because i can't find anything.

anyone have any links or better search-fu than me?
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go read here--


and learn about daisy whose name could be changed. she is shy but cuddly once you give her a minute, and she likes it when you watch her eat. what more could a person want in a cat?

i am allergic. but one of you (not you james i mean it) (you're not local anyhow) should adopt this cat and then let spiderplanet and i come over and visit.
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the problem with not being able to be on the net at work is that it makes me not want to do it at home. you'd think i'd run in the door squeaking running for my computer, but no. i have things to do at home, and if i catch up on the internet, that'll take a million years, and then here we are, a long darned time since i posted last.

so! i've been reading, though.

the new job continues to go well. things are a little slow, but we're having a massive rollout very shortly, so this is apparently the calm before the storm. and i'm researching training i want to take, and updating documentation when i find out (usually the hard way) that it's not right.

last weekend was actually the first weekend of the renaissance festival, but it was also the wedding of some friends. so, we went to that on saturday night, and on sunday i slept late and the juggler went out to fest. today, the juggler went out to fest early, i slept in a little, and then went out to fest. i am now home, have had dinner, and am pretty beat. so, i will finish writing this and then off to bed.

the juggler is quite a bit moved in, so that's good. we do have spare things, however, so if you need or know anyone who needs (in the twin cities metro area, please!) a twin bed, a steamer trunk, a tall bookcase, a wacky retro table, or a few other things, let me know. i think we'd like $10 for each of those.

and last but certainly not least, plans for the family wedding are going well. the happy couple is taking care of all their parts, and the other bridesmaid and i are discussing shower/bachelorette party plans. i am trying to think of low key bachelorette things to do, but would love ideas by PVT EMAIL since the bride reads this. (hello, m. socks!) getting plastered and going to the 90's is probably not our speed.

i am now tired enough so my brain has entirely shut off. i will now go take meds and go to sleep. that is my plan which is mine.
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I had a dream which started out with me made to be feeling unsafe (emotionally, not physically) in my own house in a way that was very similar to something that actually happened to me 20 years ago, and then suddenly in the same dream I was riding my bike. Zooooooooom! Up and down the road and through a big store! So fast!

That was a very good ending.
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hi all-- i have a new job, and they have an internet policy that seems to be that you can do personal things on the internet but not fun things on the internet. lj/dw/fb/twitter all count as fun. or at least i'm assuming so-- there's only a certain number of times a person wants to hit the banned site setup.

sooo, reading list going way down. there's only so many things i can read on the iphone walking to and from meetings. and i am finding that when i don't get to be on the 'net during the day, i do not have the patience to sift through the whole thing in the evenings and weekends.

if you are tremendously sad about this turn of events, you know what to do.
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autogynephilia is a made up word for a made up "disorder". ray blanchard made up this word and this "disorder". to quote the TSRoadmap site,

"Autogynephilia" is a sex-fueled mental illness made up by Ray Blanchard. Blanchard defines it as "a man’s paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman."

paraphilia is a particular technical term, in psychology. it means that it involves a) nonhuman objects, b) the suffering and humiliation of ones self or ones partner, or c) children or nonconsenting persons.

if you are saying that a person transitioned, or that a person is trans, so they could have new toys to play with? that's transphobic. it's not funny. cut it the fuck out. if you're going to continue to say it and/or continue to think it's funny, please let me know whether you're saying a) that a trans woman is actually still a man, b) that they or their body parts are non-human objects, c) whether you think they're humiliating themselves or their partner, d) who precisely is nonconsenting, or e) some or all of the above so that i can be clear on in exactly what way you're an asshole.

(editing to make it try to post to lj)
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if a person isn't on the adoption filter and wanted to be, they could not only mention that here, now would be a good time to do so.

well, then

Jul. 12th, 2011 10:42 pm
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so, as some of you may know, i was looking for a job this spring, and then i had one last interview that i thought had gone awfully, and i posted here on a filter saying that i was done looking for jobs for a while and was just going to stick where i was for another year if not longer.

can you hear the foreshadowing music?

they called me back, and offered me the job (i was very confused. i was like "hello guy from company! you're not going to hire me so i don't understand why you're calling me. it's very polite to blow me off in person, though", but fortunately i only thought those things not said them because then he offered me the job.)

i start on the 25th. anyone else work in hopkins? anyone else live in st paul and work in hopkins because boy am i not looking forward to the commute?

also, we got a new dog.

also also, my sister and her boyfriend got engaged.

so, july has been a busy month.

what's up with you?


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