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the problem with not being able to be on the net at work is that it makes me not want to do it at home. you'd think i'd run in the door squeaking running for my computer, but no. i have things to do at home, and if i catch up on the internet, that'll take a million years, and then here we are, a long darned time since i posted last.

so! i've been reading, though.

the new job continues to go well. things are a little slow, but we're having a massive rollout very shortly, so this is apparently the calm before the storm. and i'm researching training i want to take, and updating documentation when i find out (usually the hard way) that it's not right.

last weekend was actually the first weekend of the renaissance festival, but it was also the wedding of some friends. so, we went to that on saturday night, and on sunday i slept late and the juggler went out to fest. today, the juggler went out to fest early, i slept in a little, and then went out to fest. i am now home, have had dinner, and am pretty beat. so, i will finish writing this and then off to bed.

the juggler is quite a bit moved in, so that's good. we do have spare things, however, so if you need or know anyone who needs (in the twin cities metro area, please!) a twin bed, a steamer trunk, a tall bookcase, a wacky retro table, or a few other things, let me know. i think we'd like $10 for each of those.

and last but certainly not least, plans for the family wedding are going well. the happy couple is taking care of all their parts, and the other bridesmaid and i are discussing shower/bachelorette party plans. i am trying to think of low key bachelorette things to do, but would love ideas by PVT EMAIL since the bride reads this. (hello, m. socks!) getting plastered and going to the 90's is probably not our speed.

i am now tired enough so my brain has entirely shut off. i will now go take meds and go to sleep. that is my plan which is mine.

well, then

Jul. 12th, 2011 10:42 pm
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so, as some of you may know, i was looking for a job this spring, and then i had one last interview that i thought had gone awfully, and i posted here on a filter saying that i was done looking for jobs for a while and was just going to stick where i was for another year if not longer.

can you hear the foreshadowing music?

they called me back, and offered me the job (i was very confused. i was like "hello guy from company! you're not going to hire me so i don't understand why you're calling me. it's very polite to blow me off in person, though", but fortunately i only thought those things not said them because then he offered me the job.)

i start on the 25th. anyone else work in hopkins? anyone else live in st paul and work in hopkins because boy am i not looking forward to the commute?

also, we got a new dog.

also also, my sister and her boyfriend got engaged.

so, july has been a busy month.

what's up with you?


Feb. 18th, 2011 05:55 pm
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i have texan relatives on facebook.

excuse me while i go claw my face off.


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