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trying to make packing lists, since it's seeming like we'll be headed to china very shortly. (no exact dates yet; we should know those next week.)

brain will not focus. brain wants to look at the internet. brain wants to get distracted by stupid stuff. stupid brain.
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here's a few key quotes.

The normal safeguards for child placement were lifted because of the scope of the disaster.
At the end of last year, American authorities denied the petition of a Baxter couple, Marc and Teresa Stroot, to adopt the brother and sister after their biological father opposed relinquishing custody.
Under a sparingly used immigration program, called humanitarian parole, adoptions were expedited regardless of whether children were in peril, and without the screening required to make sure they had not been improperly separated from relatives or placed in homes that could not adequately care for them.
Some Haitian orphanages were nearly emptied, even though they had not been affected by the quake or licensed to handle adoptions. Children were released without legal documents showing they were orphans and without regard for evidence suggesting fraud.
But they acknowledged that the administration's priority was getting children out of harm's way, not the safeguards the United States is obligated to enforce under international law.
After the quake, Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive summarily signed off on their adoption -- as he did with all humanitarian parole petitions submitted to him by the United States -- without checking the Groens' qualifications.

the groens, that last family mentioned there, is adopting three children under the age of three, one 2 year old, two 1 year olds, and they are also pregnant. adopting multiple kids who aren't birthsibs at the same time is tricky. artificial twinning (when you adopt multiple kids at the same time who are the same age) is tricky and not recommended and you can just read that "not recommended" in full minnesotan. having another baby when you are in the process of adopting is so not recommended that most reputable agencies will kindly suggest that you put your application on hold until the baby is born, and you can read that one in full minnesotan understatement mode, too.

eta: the stroots, the first family, live in baxter, minnesota, which according to wikipedia-- "According to city-data.com, Baxter's prevalence of whiteness makes it the 81st least racially diverse city in the US."

i do not think i can express how angry this makes me. this is theft of children, pure and simple.


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