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I know I saw a site like this once, but can't find it again. A site where you type in the ingredients you have, and it tells you what you can make. Anyone know of such a thing?
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i have no idea how to make french toast. i just hit allrecipes and it gives me things to do with marscapone. i don't want marscapone. i want ohmygosh the weather is going to be awful let's go buy milk and eggs so we can eat french toast while we're snowed in french toast. do you know how to make french toast?
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so i made carnitas the other day. and the last step is "shred meat with forks".

it made my hands hurt. i am against doing things that make my hands hurt. they hurt enough as it is; they don't need the help.

how else can (very tender) meat be shredded? i can fall back to asking the juggler to do it, but i'd rather a way i could do it myself.
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the strange yet tasty caviar burrito we enjoyed the other day.

(blini, caviar, sour cream, dill, possibly egg and onion. very very tasty, just presented in an already assembled format, rather than the build your own that we were used to.)

strange but true! )


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