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A good piece written by the woman who is fat heffalump on twitter, and reminiscent of stuff talked about at fogcon- I do not have an obligation to change to make you more comfortable, even if you say it's for my own good.

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notice the several people "joking" about of course the one male there is the chair, token male, which female person are you a cover identity for. i was biting my tongue yesterday, but then it was only one comment of the sort that i'd seen. now it's multiple, and from people who i didn't expect it from.

hipster sexism is still sexism, people.
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as an atheist, and a new convert with all the requisite new convert zeal and all, i think your religion, yours, that one right there that you are so fond of, is full (if i am familiar with it) or is probably full (if i am not familiar with it) of sexist, racist, disablist, probably homophobic and transphobic crap and how did i almost forget classism, either in its core beliefs or in its general practice.

(you may or may not believe in those particular core beliefs, you may or may not follow the general practice. that's a whole different discussion, and as for what i think about *you*, i'm not willing to have that discussion over the internet.)

does this mean it's okay to point out the parts where religion leads to social injustices by focusing on the religions mostly followed by brown people?

NO. no it fucking well does not. in fact, it is racist to do so.


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