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how do i tell ubuntu to look for the opensshserver on the install disk or on a thumb drive? i do sudo apt-get yadawhatever, it says can't find the internet with both hands and a map (which is because it's not on the network), and then it stops.

if i can do sudo apt-get lookonthecd yadawhatever, it'd solve my problem. is that doable? otherwise solving this problem involves running cabling in a very unpleasant fashion.

any other ssh server would do as well-- i just googled up opensshserver first.

this is the ubuntu 11.10 version, i do not recall downloading any particular version, just straight off that version number, and there were no useful questions (like custom install vs standard install) during the install which i just redid.
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i want to set up a women in technology filter. if you do information technology work, testing, programming, infrastructure, or support of software or computers, and are a woman, please raise your hand here. tmen in i.t. also welcome to raise their hands. probably also some other people welcome.
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i bought a laptop earlier this year because a) my desktop let the magic smoke out, and b) i knew i needed something higher powered to play starcraft 2 on when it came out.

in what we call a learning experience (will i ever trust bestbuy employees again on the subject of hardware? no, no i will not) my new laptop will not even play ddo, much less starcraft 2. (i haven't tried s2 yet, but my video card is not even in the same timezone as what it needs.)

so. if you wanted to buy a relatively cheap gaming computer but didn't want to build one yourself because you hate skinning your knuckles on the motherboard, what would you do?


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