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as an atheist, and a new convert with all the requisite new convert zeal and all, i think your religion, yours, that one right there that you are so fond of, is full (if i am familiar with it) or is probably full (if i am not familiar with it) of sexist, racist, disablist, probably homophobic and transphobic crap and how did i almost forget classism, either in its core beliefs or in its general practice.

(you may or may not believe in those particular core beliefs, you may or may not follow the general practice. that's a whole different discussion, and as for what i think about *you*, i'm not willing to have that discussion over the internet.)

does this mean it's okay to point out the parts where religion leads to social injustices by focusing on the religions mostly followed by brown people?

NO. no it fucking well does not. in fact, it is racist to do so.
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my ass was showing, so i have deleted and recreated, if you're wondering why you're seeing this twice.

there's a blog post going around at the moment, where a christian group went to a pride parade and held up signs apologizing for how other christians had treated them poorly. and i am pleased to see that happened, and i think it doesn't happen enough.

but some people seem so astonished by christians being at pride at all that i am just wondering, do your local churches not come?

there was an entire uu delegation there, i believe, and enormous stickers being handed out saying "lutherans love me" (which is not entirely true, as it's only the elca that i know of and even they are still discussing acceptable career choices for queers at least they were last time i checked).

any hate the sin love the sinner rhetoric gets your comment frozen if not deleted and you possibly banned. fyi.


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