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Mar. 12th, 2011 09:13 am
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i am having a good time here. i am very pleased to see everyone. san fransisco is beautiful and i might consider moving here if y'all hadn't had a tsunami the day i got here. i mean, i can just imagine how much even better my ass would look after i got used to walking up and down all of these hills.

that said, the externally imposed things in my life that suck still suck while i'm here. it would be very nice if going on vacation some place fabulous fixed everything, but i suspect that is a hard bug to fix and that patch will not be released for a while yet.

in the meantime, seeing people is good, good weather is good, hugs (in person or virtual) are good, and if you're here and taking pictures, please consider this permission to take some of me while you're here-- all of my icons are woefully out of date and no one recognizes me!
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so. fogcon. in the bay area. march 11-13. having a dressup party on friday night.


normally i'd throw the corset in the suitcase, but i am leaving my corset lacer here in minnesota. i am not against volunteer corset lacers, you understand. however. a person likes some options.

heeeey. one assumes that the hotel will be all right with us dressing as if we were, you know, at a convention. so, i have this black blazer, and this one shirt, and a pair of jeans.... hm. hmmmm. that sounds not very exciting but i will be lobbying against pictures of it on the internets. if it works, anyhow. i will have to try it on. hey serene? will the polyflock be at somewhere similarly amenable, or ought a person bring a tshirt? heck, a person might bring a tshirt anyhow.

thank you, oh dwircle/flist. you are very helpful.

ooh, also! HEATED OUTDOOR POOL. IN MARCH. frozen northerners, who's with me for swimming?


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