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working from home today; had a dentist appointment first thing, and then last thing i have a doctor's appointment.

went out for blini and caviar and vodka with [personal profile] dickens/[livejournal.com profile] hypatia_j (did that work?) and we conducted a scientific experiment on the effects of one martini on drinkers of different body weights. being that i mass somewhat more than she does, i drove.

i am feeling a need to change some of my passwords. those of you who work in information security, stop shrieking in horror; you're disturbing the neighbors. ;)

i keep being startled when i don't see josie. this morning, for instance, she hadn't just jumped off of the bed and was looking back at me ready to go down the stairs. i was positive she was going to be, but no.

have not yet broken out wailing at work, which is good, but i'm glad it's a short week.

two family thanksgivings this week, which will be good. taking the piratedog along to the one that is at a house instead of a restaurant.

the juggler and i are doing well. i mean, well enough that that's an understatement that i am unclear on how to untangle.

and now, back to work with me; i have to go yell at my coworkers some more.
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before i had dogs i had not spontaneously (re-)invented the word poopcopalypse.

once there are kids i suspect i will use the word more often for a while. [sigh]


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