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i am, however, very very tired. so, no report from me. it was likely the best convergence i'd had in years if not ever, though.

and i volunteered to work on registration next year. because it is, uh, running suboptimally. and i am a helpful sort.
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no goths. well, some goths. but no net.goths that i know of.

who's going? i am going to be there. i am going to be sharing a room with the juggler and an adorable baby. er, also the adorable baby's parents.

at fogcon

Mar. 12th, 2011 09:13 am
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i am having a good time here. i am very pleased to see everyone. san fransisco is beautiful and i might consider moving here if y'all hadn't had a tsunami the day i got here. i mean, i can just imagine how much even better my ass would look after i got used to walking up and down all of these hills.

that said, the externally imposed things in my life that suck still suck while i'm here. it would be very nice if going on vacation some place fabulous fixed everything, but i suspect that is a hard bug to fix and that patch will not be released for a while yet.

in the meantime, seeing people is good, good weather is good, hugs (in person or virtual) are good, and if you're here and taking pictures, please consider this permission to take some of me while you're here-- all of my icons are woefully out of date and no one recognizes me!
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[livejournal.com profile] con_or_bust offers auctions for fabulous things, and then uses the money to help get fans of color to sf conventions. they are a little short on their fundraising goal this year, so if you are feeling flush, or you just got your tax refund back, or hey, you really really need some cookies, go take a look. (go take a look in any case!)

i think i am currently in the lead for a fashion doll decoupaged with pages from podkayne of mars. PODKAYNE. i wonder if she'll take requests for which pages. hmm. (podkayne might have been my first sf book. some days i still think podkayne is an acceptable name for a small child.)

i am NO LONGER in the lead for snickerdoodles. [personal profile] emceeaich, i'm looking at you. i was going to bring them to wiscon and SHARE. i'm just sayin'.

(eta: sorry to those of you reading while i fixed the damn code.)


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