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Anyone makimg one? I finished mine, and I have sock yarn left.
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i want to knit a waterfall cardigan, sort of shaped like this--


except i'm not sure about that collar. i am *definitely* not sure about the plaid; solid color or done with color change yarn would be lovely.

m. socks sent me a link last year sometime to something like this (because she is all fashion forward) and i do not have my heart set on that one, but anything with that waterfall sort of front, comes in a pattern for a 49 inch chest, and i might be able to finish it before i die. that's all i want.

i am using the wrong search words on ravelry because i can't find anything.

anyone have any links or better search-fu than me?

the clap

Nov. 9th, 2010 10:39 pm
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does anyone know of a rewritten pattern for clapotis that is in english rather than pattern speak? something that, in the middle, would look something like "every odd row slip, purl to the end, purl front and back; every even row slip, knit until you get to the stitch before the marker then knit back, knit, knit back, then knit until you get to the stitch before the marker and repeat, once you get to the last stitch knit front and back"?

obviously, that's going to be the middle of it, other than the part where you have to do it forty seven thousand times until it's long enough, but i was just a stitch short at row fourteen, which is really quite early in the beginning, so if anyone has done the whole thing it would make me so happy.

i hate counting rows. i hate counting. grr argh.


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