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the juggler's parents came up this past weekend-- the juggler and his dad ripped the walls out around my bathtub on sunday, and get this-- put them back in on monday. whoa.

who knew things could happen that fast?

right now it's just cement board, and my house is covered with dust.

there will be a tiling project after the snow melts enough so that tile can be cut outside because i am against any more projects that produce dust happening inside my house.

it will be beautiful. that is my plan.
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the juggler works on saturdays, so i got up at 10am to check my email and then went back to sleep for a while, and then got up and started doing house things. he came home and we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more, because today, his parents came here because his dad really likes renovating houses and my house while almost perfect in every way, has some things that need fixing. so, today we got up, put away laundry, had breakfast, looked around the house a bit and discussed things (the juggler's dad thinks my kitchen needs desperate help; i think it doesn't), went and had ethiopian food for lunch, went to menards where they do in fact have tile i like and a faucet i like so there may be some bathroom work in my future even though bathroom remodels now give me the heebie jeebies, came back, and discussed various things some more, had leftover casserole for dinner after sending les parents on their way, and then there was collapsing on the sofa and watching television while not having to talk to anyone other than the juggler.

whew. busy weekend. now, off to bed.
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so, went to go hang out with a friend yesterday and have brunch. he is a great cook, so we had shirred eggs, and french toast, and bacon, and fruit. nom nom nom. i also, interestedly, spent sometime looking around the place because due to the fact that twin cities fandom is tiny, i used to own that house with the ex-husband, and i was interested to see both what the new owner (not my friend; he's renting from the owner) had done with the place, and what had been done to the bathroom, which had been remodelled while the ex and i lived there. (a long, loooong story, but the ex started out doing it, and after a year with *no walls* and the shower covered with plastic sheeting so it was usable, i informed the ex that i was no longer waiting for him to finish and was hiring the rest of it out.)([livejournal.com profile] jinian, didn't you come visit during that period?)

anyhow. so. i love that bathroom. it's slightly muted blue and green tilework in the shower and below chest level in the rest of it, white fixtures, butter or sunshine yellow paint up top-- very cheerful, very nice, just the thing i personally want to step into to wake up in the morning.

so, what happens last night?

bad dreams about bathroom remodelling. oy. SUBTLE. VERY SUBTLE, BRAIN.

especially since there's bathroom remodelling work that needs to be done in this house, too. ah, well.


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