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since we last heard from our heroine, her lovely and charming aglet caught strep, started meds, got better, she returned to work but only for one day (dun dun dun), because she caught strep from her dear aglet, she had two days off of work too miserable to do anything, she returned to the clinic saying hey, what's up, and they said looks like the butt shot didn't fix you up, let's give you some horse pills to swallow on an extremely sore throat instead.

the horse pills are working. back to work with me tomorrow. i feel ten thousand percent better, which means just tired and a little sad, rather than too exhausted to stand up and miserable.

so! hurray for augmentin.

in other news, there are massive protests going on at a hotel i was recently in in guangzhou, china, because the japanese embassy is in the same building, and there is an island problem going on between china and japan right now. (i do not know details, but people are mad. i do not say this to minimize it; you should go google if you want an idea about what's going on.) they broke into the hotel, did some damage to the first two floors. whoa. the garden is the most beautiful hotel i have ever been in in my life. i expect it will be fine after some cleanup, but i'm glad we're not there right now!

tomorrow, i go pretend like i'm awake enough to be at work. i expect i will go to bed shortly after the aglet does, and then get up shortly before (so i can shower before he's up and at 'em). onwards!


Jul. 22nd, 2012 09:20 pm
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this would all be going better if i didn't have a cold.
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i have a cold. there is stress and anguish and drama to various greater and lesser degrees going on in not one, not two, but three different of my social circles. i currently cannot write an sql query without having it throw up on my syntax three times before i correct it enough so it will run, and i can't write a coherent and clear email unless i spend half an hour on it and rewrite it four times which is doable in many cases but sometimes a person likes dashing off notes to friends and not having them come back with a perfectly valid point that i seem to have forgotten my brain at home that morning. also, i want to do things that i have promised myself that i won't do, but my usual distraction methods take more brains than i currently have.

and last but not least i have a cold and there is not a line of people bringing soup and warm blankets to my house. waa waa waa waa. the juggler did bring me diet coke, though, which is a goodness.


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