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"He said Tuesday that he is not familiar with the Highland Park area and didn't know he was at Planned Parenthood when he pulled into the empty lot so that he could look for a woman he had met online. Hackbarth said he had coffee with the woman on Nov. 15, and asked her to dinner the next night but she told him she couldn't because of a commitment she had with a female friend in Highland Park. Hackbarth said he felt that she might have been seeing a man instead, so he parked his car and walked around the block looking for her car. (The security guard spotted Hackbarth's gun when he got out of his car and put on a winter coat.)"

so, either, he's parking in the planned parenthood lot with a gun on purpose, as a not very veiled threat to planned parenthood (and i've been to this one, and drive by it all the time-- clearly marked building, clearly marked parking lot, and he's a forced birth advocate, so i find it difficult to believe that he doesn't know where all the protests happen in st paul), or else he is stalking a woman he barely knows out of some overentitled sense of having a right to know what she's doing when she won't go out with him a second time.

when i was single, did i go on a lot of craigslist dates? yes, yes i did. were there some number of them when i thought "oh, a second date could be fun, but they don't want to and i wish they'd give me a second chance"? yes, yes there were.

what did i do in these cases? go home, send them a nice email saying hey, had a good time, would love to do it again, please let me know if you are free; and then distract myself out of hitting refresh refresh refresh on my email.

what did i *not* do? go stalk them! while armed!

the thing that is enormously clear here is that representative hackbarth thinks that he has a right to women's bodies, whether they are pregnant and unknown to him or known to him but don't want to date him.

if any of you reading this are minnesotans from elk river, oak grove, or east bethel, i strongly encourage you to vote for someone else next time he comes up. if you feel a need to vote republican, you can see if he is running opposed in the primaries and vote for some other republican there, or else you can vote in the general election for an opponent from another party.

(vito, i am totally stealing your tag here.)
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i am so so so so sick of stories in the paper about men abusing their wives and children, the wives getting a restraining order, the men getting jail time, the men killing their wives and children, and the wives being posthumously lectured on not reaching out for help.

'"I would plead with anybody who is suffering, even a small bit in a home where there's domestic violence, to please reach out for help," Banovetz said.'

her case wasn't presented to prosecutors. it was treated as a misdeameanor, not a felony. she did everything right, and the system failed her.

http://www.startribune.com/local/east/104941229.html , cpunks/cpunks if it wants you to log in.
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i've heard a lot of people say this.

i have theories on why they say this, mostly involving the patriarchy and acceptance of same, but i'd be interested to hear other people's reasons or theories.

there may be a rant coming up. you may be quoted. you have been warned.
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i'd like you all to notice how this is framed as "teenager", which could apply to all genders of teenagers, yet actually only applies to controlling the behavior of young women.

(and no. young women deserve bodily autonomy, just like older women do.)


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