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i'm going to wiscon! i look somewhat like this, only i will have either shoulder length wet hair, or it will be up in a ponytail. i need a new picture of myself. oh, also, eight years older. seriously, i need a new picture.

i am a hugger. i like hugging people. if we have previously hugged, i am all for hugging again. if we have not previously hugged, please ask first. please beware that i am a stoic minnesotan from a long line of stoic minnesotans-- i seem to have body language that says "i would be most comfortable if you stood another six feet farther away from me" even when i am thinking about hugging people.

i am responsible for two departments at the con, which means that if you say hello that there is the off chance that i will say hello i have just been paged and am urgently on my way somewhere! if that is the case it is not that i don't want to talk, just that there is either a kid-issue or a party-issue that i have to go pay attention to right now.

i like eating meals with people. i will be carrying around my program book writing people's names in the meal slots.

i also have low blood sugar issues, which means that i am *not* up for the "it's a half hour into the dinner slot let's stand around in the lobby and see how many people we can gather and then spend fifteen minutes discussing where we're going" thing. i am a fan of planning these things out in advance; see above note about program book.

i will have a juggler with me. he is the quietest person i know, but funny.

i will talk for about sixteen hours in a row about my dog. ask to see pictures if you'd like to win my heart.

the adoption is going very very very slowly, and i am likely not up for talking about it much. if there is any big news, i will probably post something here on the adoption filter (let me know if you want on it).
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If you feel like it: Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on makeup. NO PHOTOSHOP. Show your F-List the real you!

i don't think i spend more time on the internets naked than other people, but this is the first time i've seen this and been dressed. (i can hear you thinking that. and no.)

does this cuttag the photo on lj? )


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