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gaptooth whitebeard, dowager empress of all the pirates (she's eleven, she gets to be a dowager empress) is a little licky recently.

by a little licky i mean regularly tries to lick all the skin off my hands. thank goodness it's winter so i'm wearing pants instead of shorts so she can't get at my knees. it's very weird when she licks the numb spots on my left knee.

this is not very new; the juggler assures me it's been going on for a while. i was worried it was new after josie died, but no.

anyhow. anyone have any ideas on how to distract her from the OBSESSIVE LICKING? i try to pet her instead, she doesn't want to be petted. if i wrestle her out of licking, sometimes she'll lie down and cooperate, sometimes she'll jump off the sofa or bed and go do something else.

also! i seem to be making friends with the neighbors. this is cool and strange. i am not sure how this works, but i am all for it. their kid is a sweetie.
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she says, through gritted teeth.

holiday stress + no light + snow + work + still recovering from too many things at once this fall makes for a slightly cranky kal. thus, mandatory cheer.

pirate wore the christmas t-shirt she got for christmas for a week! then we took it off of her.

i have a juggler upstairs.

we have nye plans that sound like fun.

the days are getting longer already.

the juggler made tasty scrambled eggs for dinner. they were even pretty. mine are never pretty.

diet coke is still a quarter at work.

pirate goes "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehmph" when she chews on the hedgehog. very softly.

my life is mostly going the way i want it to go.

okay, that's all i got. what do you have?


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